A family run business serving the people of teesside since 1932



.Fillet steaks


.Sirloin steaks


.Rib eye steaks


.T bone steaks

(T bones if ordered

 in advance for fresh, we carry some in the freezer all year round)


.Stewing steak


.Braising steak


.Extra lean minced beef


.Shin (frozen only)


.Topside joints


.Silverside joints

(salmon cut)


.Brisket joints


.Fore rib joints and

sirloin joints (order in   advance for bone in and boneless so we can meet your requirements)



(Beef steak burgers stocked in our freezer all year round, fresh seasonally)


.Ox tail (frozen only)

Over our many years in business we have developed a wide variety of produce, locally sourced through excellent suppliers. We have highly skilled experienced butchers on hand ,who have knowledge passed down through the generations of our family. We quality beef, whole pigs and lambs and use the traditional methods of butchery on the premises to ensure excellent produce full of taste and succulence, with a modern twist. Using various packing methods and labelling all done on the premises to create a better product. The packing methods ensure the product keeps fresher for longer in your house hold fridge/freezer, so you always have a quality meat product at home. Our labelling method gives you the peace of mind on useby dates, weights, price you pay for the item, price per kilo, storage advice, and where the product comes from. We have invested in all these things to make the best possible product for you the customer with all the information to go with it.


.Chops Boneless ( pre order bone in 3 days in advance)


.Leg and


shoulder steaks


.Pork fillet (tenderloin)


.Belly pork joints


.Belly pork slices


.Loin of pork joints

(order in advance

for bone in)


.Leg of pork joints


.Leg fillet joints


.Shoulder joints,

breast in hand,

crop etc


.Diced pork



(original and cumberland sausage fresh weekly)


.We also make speciality sausages which are seasonal.


.Liver and kidney

(frozen only)


.Minced pork

(order in advance)


.Pork ribs (plain and flavoured)



.Leg joints


.Leg steaks thick and thin


.Ham shanks



.Home cured sliced


.Home Cured Smoked sliced






.Chops bone in and boneless


.Leg steaks


.Rolled shoulder joints


.Bone in shoulder joints (order in advance)


.Legs of lamb joints bone in or  boneless


.Leg fillet joints bone in or   boneless.


.Shoulder steaks


.Diced lamb


.Minced lamb(order in advance)


.Lap of lamb


.Lamb shanks


.Liver and kidneys(frozen only)



.Whole Chickens


.Chicken fillets/breasts


.Chicken legs, thighs and



.Turkeys whole or boneless Turkey    

crowns (order in advance)


.Turkey mince(order in advance)


.Ducks (order in advance)


.Duck Breast (frozen only)


.Geese (ordered only)




.Venison Steak (order in advance)





.Free range large


.Jumbo free range Eggs

Home cooked meats

.Sliced ham


.Sliced beef


.Sliced chicken


.Sliced turkey


.Sliced pork


(below produce not cooked on premises)


.Sliced corned beef


.Sliced chopped pork


.Pease pudding


.Sliced black pudding


.Mature cheese


.Mild Cheddar



We have an extensive product list of locally sourced produce, if something on our lists is out of stock at the time you require it, we will do our very best to purchase what you require or find an alternative so don't hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Email: tjsowerby.butchers@hotmail.com

tel: 01642553701

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